Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tool 7

*content objective: Students will create an appropriate graph to display data.
* Implemented in the first nine-weeks
*Students will use edmodo.
*Students will create surveys in groups and post to edmodo.  Students from other classes would go on and answer the surveys.
*Students will then analyze the data and create a graph to display the results.

Tool 6

Give 2 reasons you would use the divisibility rules.

I used Todays meet to ask the students a question.  This would be good for a closing question at the end of the period or a week long assignment where the students could get on anytime during the week and answer the question.  The students could access the question through the teachers blog.

The students in 6th grade Math used edmodo to upload a project they did.  The students were able to view the students projects and make comments on them.

Tool 5

I used the stupeflix through google docs. It was very simple to create a video over music. You get one for free but after that you have to pay. It took me a while to figure out how to post the picture of it but I save it through publisher as a picture and then I was able to paste it on to the blog.
This was very easy to use. Wordle could be used to get the students attention. The students could also use it for vocabulary words or a closing at the end of the period.

Tool number 4

This tool was fairly easy. I created a document on divisibility. This could be a good way to have students do work from home. You could create the document here and if students loose it they could pull it up and do it on the computer or print it. This would also be a good way to have reflections on a classroom objective. You could post a question for the students to go in and respond. If you were going to share the document with your students it would be easier to create a group so that you don't have to type in all of the email addresses everytime. I created a form. This seems very similar to a document. I like the document better.

Tool 3

The first thing I did for this tool was to create a dropbox account on my home computer. This was very simple to do. Then I was trying to download the save you tube on my computer but for some reason this did not work. I then just used the embed key to save the videos on to my blog. I first searched teacher tube to find a math video. I then just did a google search for math 6th grade videos to find another video. For the copyright and fair use laws I learned that students should be crediting the sources they use.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

tool 2

I am finding this to take much more time than I expected, especially while trying to keep up with 2 little boys.  So I have been trying to find some interesting blogs to follow and let me say this is not easy for me.  I looked at what Calloway and Chio had found to give me a starting place and that helped.  This blog had different blogs you could follow.  I liked Finding joy in the 6th grade.  The teacher had a good idea on classroom management that I may incorporate into the classsroom next year. I will visit this site again in the future.  One teacher blog that I happened upon was for her students.  She had videos and extra practice there.  Not sure if this is what I would want to do with a blog but it is an idea.

I made comments on the blogs but had a hard time finding blogs that I would even want to comment on.  If I had more time I am sure I could find something that interests me.  I found the advice on getting people to comment on your blog helpful.  Asking more questions on your posts would be a start.  I found it a little difficult to share my thoughts publicly because I didn't feel as though I always had something of value to say.  It is different than sharing ideas with your teammates because I was thinking a lot harder about what to say rather than just saying it.  I found my self typing a comment but then erasing it because I didn't think it sounded right.  I browsed through Landrum's staff blogs to see other peoples ideas and this has been helpful.  Look forward to seeing what blogs other teachers have found.