Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tool 10

There is vast information availabe on the internet and we have to make sure that the students are using it for what is intended for our objectives. 
Students need to know that they should check more than one site for information they are looking for.
Anything they put on the internet is public access and can come back to hurt them. Make sure that students think about what they are writing or commenting on.  Even a comment can hurt or make someones day.
Cyber bullying is occuring all the time. I plan to discuss this with the students and emphazize how important it is for them to report any activity that they know of.
Instead of listing a specific website I could show the students how I found the page using google.  Modeling is important to teach the students what we expect from them.
Parents can recieve a list of the sites the students are using and browse through them if they would like.
* I viewed Vicki Davis' blog and Wes Fryer's blog.  Many of these points about digital citenzenshipcould be shared with the students.  Main points could be posted around the room and referred to during the year.

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