Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tool 9

*You should always start with the objective in mind when considering technology to use in the classroom.  You don't want to use technology just to say you did. 
*Students need to be held accountable to make sure that they are mastering the objectives taught using the devices.  Just by completing the activity does not mean they understand.
*The two interactive websites I looked at were games for  The students can play a variety of math games here. The next one is thinkfinity.  It has an interactive lesson for the students to do and then an activity to complete after they do the lesson.  This would be good for the accountability piece.
* A factor tree is one app we could use in the 6th grade classroom.  The students use lcm and gcf to build factor trees.  Animation creator lite lets the students create comics.  This would be a good way for students to demonstrate an objective they have learned.
* We discussed having one student take detailed notes of what was learned in the class that day.  You could designate a note taker for the day and the ipad has a place for notes to be taken.  They could post these on edmodo for students to go back and refer to .

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  1. A factor tree would be a good app to have the students check their work, but it was not what I expected of the app.